EM’s most advanced, all-in-one RFID solution

The em|echo product family represents EM Microelectronic most innovative technology in contactless devices, bringing advanced features to the RAIN RFID and NFC worlds. em|echo ICs combine two communication protocols in one single device:

  • RAIN RFID (also known as EPC Gen2) capable of high-speed, long range, multi-item reading operations common in today’s demanding logistics applications from production to the point of sale.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) privileged for single item, proximity range, customer related operation at the point of sale and beyond.

With a shared memory area and a common unique ID accessible through both protocols, the em|echo family allows businesses and consumers to integrate an infinite number of everyday items into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Introducing world’s premier NFC-RAIN protocols combination

General description

em|echo-V – the latest product of the em|echo family – provides a unified RFID solution for logistics and marketing departments that simplifies the lives of both small retailers and product manufacturers looking to differentiate their products. The circuit, implemented in EM’s specialized True Ultra Low Power (TULP) technology also features an advanced hardware crypto engine for web authentication.

The em|echo-V RFID chip is typically embedded in a label, a sticker tag or other forms of an RFID tag attached at manufacturing (source-level tagging). Alternatively, em|echo-V may be fully integrated in the packaging for smart packaging applications or in the item itself for life-long tag use cases.

The chip features a unique identifier and non-volatile memory able to hold business specific information. The unique ID and the memory segments are accessible via two different wireless communication protocols:


Traditional RAIN RFID installations provide numerous benefits all the way up to the store or distribution center, but do not allow for true consumer engagement. The addition of an NFC interface on the same chip extends the reach of the whole system to the consumers, by means of their smartphones.

em|echo-V provides merchandise visibility over the whole lifecycle, from manufacturing to the consumer and back to the supply chain, when products are returned, all while guaranteeing the product authenticity and consumer privacy. Furthermore, it supports the sustainability effort by allowing the manufacturer to keep track of the product movement and consumer to verify the corresponding CO2 footprint.


em|echo-V is fully EPC Gen2v2.0.2 and NFC Type-5 compliant and delivers state-of-the-art RAIN RFID radio frequency performance as well as superior user experience thanks to the ISO 15693 interface. Its highly optimized AES-128 cryptographic hardware implementation provides best-in-class Web Authentication brand protection to consumers’ smartphones using dynamic NDEF technology on minimum silicon real estate, while enabling very compact antenna designs thanks to its ISO-15693 air interface.

Main features


production & logistics

Tracking goods within the supply chain



  • Assembly
  • Control
  • Packing


  • Inventory
  • Stock




  • Logistics
  • Tracking and tracing



Marketing & sales

From brands to



  • Item identification
  • Product information


  • Proof of purchase
  • «Untraceable» command
  • Personal data privacy
Consumer experience

Consumer experience

  • One-to-one relationship
  • Loyalty programms


  • Advanced RAIN RFID technology
  • AES-128 crypto for NFC web based authentication
  • Digital signature for authenticity
  • Tamper Detection
  • Shared memory
  • Dual Frequency 1-step inlay manufacturing
  • Minimum 100k write cycles endurance
  • Minimum 50 years data retention
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +85°C


  • Shared unique IC serial number included in:
    • 64-bit UID (HF)
    • 96-bit TID (UHF)
  • Configurable 2048-bit memory used for:
    • HF USER memory
    • Up to 480-bit EPC/UII encodings
    • UHF USER memory
    • Optional Digital Signature (none, 256b, 384b, 512b)
  • 1-step tag encoding possible from either HF or UHF interface.
UHF/Rain Interface

UHF/RAIN Interface

  • ISO/IEC 18000-63 compliant
  • EPCTM Gen2 v2 compliant
  • Alteration EAS compliant
  • TAG alteration (Core) compliant
  • 32-bit Access and Kill passwords
  • Read sensitivity up to -20dBm with a dipole antenna
  • Write sensitivity up to -14.5dBm with a dipole antenna
  • Up to 480-bit EPC/UII encodings
  • Optional NFC ACCESS counter
  • Tamper Alarm
HF/NFC Interface

HF/NFC Interface

  • ISO/IEC 15693 and 18000-3 compliant
  • Optional random ID and secure customer privacy
  • Protected memory using password
  • Control of UHF privacy features with password
  • Tamper Alarm