Fashion and Accessories

In a world where trends and collections constantly change, improving the accuracy of stock inventory in the distribution chain and reducing wait times of supply cycles significantly improves the profitability of goods put on the market.

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Fashion and accessories

By determining current and end-of-season stock levels, em_echo technology offers manufacturers and retailers in this sector the ability to anticipate stock shortages. This provides significant response time for the shop owner, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. The em_echo device is directly integrated into the product reference and can be read by Rain RFID readers which are placed in strategic locations, such as at the sorters in factories and at points of sale, as well as in handheld readers so that the company can measure product flow in real-time.

With the increase in online stores, the textiles industry is facing ever-increasing competition. Understanding and anticipating consumer needs has become a key factor in the loyalty creation process. With e-commerce companies able to use smart tools to improve a platform’s performance, the solutions developed by em_echo provide physical retailers with major opportunities in terms of marketing and customer experience at the point of sale.

Added Value

Using the benefits provided by dual-frequency technology, brands will now be able to target consumers based on their preferences and develop unprecedented in and out of store marketing concepts. The system is able to retransmit information associated with the product in real time and to different devices. This provides retailers with a whole host of options in terms of ‘retailtainment’ (dedicated NFC applications, lucky product scenarios, loyalty coupon programmes) and turns physical stores into real living spaces, with lots of entertainment, where emotional experiences encourage sales.

Main features

& customer

Per-item level communication
  • Per-item level communication
  • Inventory/batch management
Product specification
  • Product specification
  • Traceability
  • Authenticity
  • Localisation
Product availability
  • Product availability
  • Provisionning and restocking
  • Statistics (best selling)
  • Immediate inventory
One to one relationship
  • One-to-one relationship
  • Direct communication
  • Marketing & Advertising

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