Baggage Tracking

Managing and tracking luggage present substantial financial challenges for the airport industry and for airline companies. Limiting routing errors and providing passengers with better luggage tracking and greater transparency are issues that companies today need to effectively tackle to remain competitive in the marketplace, create loyalty from their customers and offer them an improved level of service.

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Baggage Tracking

With em-echo, companies can now offer passengers a unique, personal label. Unlike a barcode, the unique label has a longer lifespan; in the case of misplaced luggage, visibility can be maintained over several weeks with no risk of duplicating the unique label.

With the NFC interface, premium passengers can easily pick up their unique luggage label and check in their luggage from home; they can also have real-time access to the transit details of their luggage and they have the option of informing the company that they have received their luggage at their destination. This is a personalised function which offers first class passengers an enhanced service.

Added Value

The device is also a major advantage in logistical terms for airline companies. Luggage tagged with the RFID em_echo system can be detected in the hold more easily. If a passenger is missing at the time of boarding, the container holding his/her luggage can be quickly identified. This means significant time savings for companies, enabling them to reduce flight delays and enhance their level of appreciation among users and airport management.

Main features

& customer

Per-item level communication
  • Per-item level communication
  • Inventory/batch management
Product specification
  • Product specification
  • Traceability
  • Authenticity
  • Localisation
Product availability
  • Product availability
  • Provisionning and restocking
  • Statistics (best selling)
  • Immediate inventory
One to one relationship
  • One-to-one relationship
  • Direct communication
  • Marketing & Advertising

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