Introducing world premiere
protocols combination

em|echo represents the latest generation of EM Microelectronic contactless devices, bringing innovative features to the Rain RFID and NFC worlds. The chip combines two communication protocols in one single device:

  • Rain RFID (also known as EPC Gen2) capable of high-speed, long range, multi-item reading operations common in today’s demanding logistics applications from production to the point of sale.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) privileged for single item, proximity range, customer related operation at the point of sale and beyond.

With a common memory area and a common unique ID are accessible through both protocols, EM- ECHO allows businesses and consumers to integrate an infinite number of everyday items into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Introducing world’s premier NFC-RAIN protocols combination

General description

em|echo provides a unified RFID solution for logistics and marketing departments that simplifies the lives of both small retailers and product manufacturers looking to differentiate their products.

Basically, em|echo is an RFID chip and an antenna usually embedded in a label, a tag or a sticker attached to an item when it is produced. Alternatively, EM ECHO may also be fully integrated in the packaging or in the item itself.

The chip features a unique identifier and non-volatile memory able to hold business specific information. The unique ID and the memory segments can be accessed through two different wireless communication protocols: Rain RFID and NFC.

The Rain RFID protocol allows capable of high-speed, long range (typically up to 10m), multi-item read and write operations sustain the logistics process along the distribution chain from production to the point of sale. Also known as EPC Gen2, this protocol is favored for operations such as real-time stock inventory, product tracing, product returns, etc.

The NFC protocol is used whenever single item has to be accessed from a short distance (typically down to 0 cm). It is ideal for companies wanting to communicate directly with the consumer for marketing and advertising, loyalty programs, product authenticity and product registration on a per- item level. The chip automatically records the number of NFC accesses.

With common rewritable memory areas, a common Unique Identifier (UID) and value-added privacy and security features, em|echo also simplifies adoption of Rain RFID inventory control procedures by smaller retailers who are not willing or unable to make the substantial investment required for specialized RFID equipment and software. Thanks to the NFC functionality available in many smartphones and the appropriate smartphone app, they can have full access to the chip and its memory content to update their shop stock database at each transaction.

Main features


production & logistics

Tracking goods within the supply chain



  • Assembly
  • Control
  • Packing


  • Inventory
  • Stock




  • Logistics
  • Tracking and tracing



Marketing & sales

From brands to



  • Item identification
  • Product information


  • Proof of purchase
  • «Untraceable» command
  • Personal data privacy
Consumer experience

Consumer experience

  • One-to-one relationship
  • Loyalty programms
UHF/Rain Interface

UHF/Rain Interface

  • ISO/IEC 18000-63 compliant
  • EPCTM Gen2 V2 certified
  • Alteration EAS certified
  • TAG alteration (Core) certified
  • 32-bit Access and Kill passwords
  • Read sensitivity up to -18dBm with a dipole antenna
  • Write sensitivity up to -13dBm with a dipole antenna
  • Fast writing using the BlockWrite command
  • BlockPermalock of USER memory
  • NFC field detection
  • NFC ACCESS counter
HF/NFC Interface

HF/NFC Interface

  • ISO/IEC 14443A-3 compliant tag
  • NFC ForumTM Type 2 compatible
  • Enables NDEF data structure configurations
  • Communication baud rates at 106kbps
  • Anti-tearing support for NFC capability container (CC) and Static/Dynamic lock bytes
  • ACCESS counter increased at first reading
  • Optional limit of unsuccessful LOGINs
  • Optional security timeout for unsuccessful LOGINs
  • Optional control of EPC privacy features
  • UHF power detection
  • 50pF NFC on-chip resonant capacitor


  • 32-bit Shared unique ID included in:
    • 7 bytes UID (NFC)
    • 96-bit TID (EPC)
  • 2080-bit or 1984-bit User memory
    • 1920 bit contiguous user data from NFC
    • 160 or 64 bit USER contiguous data from EPC
  • 128-bit or 224-bit UII/EPC encodings
  • 1 step encoding possible from NFC or EPC inter¬face.

And more

  • Dual-frequency 1-step inlay manufacturing
  • Shared memory and shared unique ID
  • Minimum 100k write cycles endurance
  • Minimum 10 years data retention
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Sawn wafers, 6-mils thickness, gold bumps

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