Watchmaking and Jewellery

In the luxury sector and specifically in the watch-making and jewellery industries, there are major challenges associated with logistics and tracking.

Em_echo responds to the strategic needs of a demanding market by being an exceptionally effective solution that is well suited to high time constraints.

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Watchmaking and Jewellery

From manufacturing to the conclusion of the sales process with the consumer, the smart device provides optimal stock management and merchandise tracking right up to the point of sale. At the end of the product journey, proof of purchase can be sent from the store to the supplier using a variety of channels (Rain RFID, NFC) and an electronic warranty certificate can then be issued automatically.

Em_echo technology is a major ally in tackling the black and grey markets by providing continual monitoring of sales from each stock, and is also easy to set up due to its dual interface.

Added Value

Furthermore, customer service and understanding customer expectations are core principles for those working in the luxury sector. Em_echo offers significant opportunities to address the issue of customer personalisation. The microchip makes it possible to gather information about the customer’s consumption in terms of preferences and habits, then target them with focused advertising and news. Because data based on sample populations that are gathered in surveys and marketing campaigns is insufficiently detailed, em_echo is proving to be a vital tool for luxury sector brands due to its accuracy and wide marketing scope.

Main features

& customer

Per-item level communication
  • Per-item level communication
  • Inventory/batch management
Product specification
  • Product specification
  • Traceability
  • Authenticity
  • Localisation
Product availability
  • Product availability
  • Provisionning and restocking
  • Statistics (best selling)
  • Immediate inventory
One to one relationship
  • One-to-one relationship
  • Direct communication
  • Marketing & Advertising

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